Intro is an adult webmaster resource. This means it was built to help adult webmasters keep their sites up to date with the latest and greatest when it comes to paysites, galleries and tube content. If you're a surfer looking for free porn, please visit


Version 1 is still under development! When version 1 is finalized this warning will be removed. There's no big changes planned right now so it should be rather safe to start using it.

The API (version 1) is supersimple. While browsing paysites, galleries or flash movies you'll see four buttons: Text, XML, JSON, CSV. The buttons will export the list you're currently looking at. The source isn't complicated and could most likely be self-explaining. To read more about how the API works, please check the API docs page.


Search is possible within the 3 main categories of content: Sponsors, Paysites and Hosted content (picture galleries, movie galleries and flash movies). A search from the welcome-page ( ) will search for sponsors.

Searchresults are exportable through the API as every other list. This way you can use the API to look out for a certain pornstar name or similar.

If you browse picture galleres for a certain category and initiate a search it will return matches without regard to the category.
The same principle applies if you're initiating a search while browsing flash movies for a certain paysite or sponsor. It will lead to a global flash movie search.

Free hosted galleries

For each sponsor we import all their free hosted galleries (from now on called FHG) into our database. Then we tag them with a category and mark them as pictures galleries, movie galleries or mixed galleries. If they don't fit into those 3 types of galleries, they're marked unknown.

This process isn't 100% perfect. For example it can be tricky to detect the type of a FHG sometimes. A sponsor could have some custombuilt javascript solution to display pictures that our script can't detect. Those galleries won't be displayed in our lists. The upside of this is that often sponsors present bad gallery links for their webmasters. They can be dead or missing content. We weed out those links for you. Only working, media-detectable galleries are shown. We constantly strive to make our process better and our scripts gets smarter by the week.

If you as paysite owner feels we've missed a lot of your FHGs please contact us.


We strive to have all paysites on the net available in our database for easy browsing. When we import the paysites from the various adult affilaite programs we by default chose Pay Per Signup (PPS) and Popup-free linking codes if we're presented with a choice. Sometimes there is no choice. For example, ccbill sponsors often only do revshare.

If you as paysite owner feels we've missed to import some of your paysites please contact us.


We are aiming to be as a complete sponsor-database as possible.

If you're missing your adult affiliate program please contact us.