Version 1 is still under development! When version 1 is finalized this warning will be removed. There's no big changes planned right now so it should be rather safe to start using it.

There's currently a limit of 100 items for each API-response. Sponsors that have a deal with us will get unlimited exposure. This is cause we have limited server resources to deal with huge API-responses.
All linkcodes returned by the API will have XXXXXX as affiliate id. Please exchange this for your affiliate id. To get your own affiliate id please sign up to the sponsor you're importing linkcodes from. A signup link is available on each sponsorpage.
The API (version 1) is supersimple. While browsing paysites, galleries or flash movies you'll see four buttons: Text, XML, JSON and CSV. The buttons will export the list you're currently looking at. The source should be self-explaining.


The API is divided into four distinct resources:

  • Paysites - http://signupsluts.com/paysites
  • Picture galleries - http://signupsluts.com/picture_galleries
  • Movie galleries - http://signupsluts.com/movie_galleries
  • Flash movies - http://signupsluts.com/flash_movies


You can nest Sponsors and Paysites with Picture/Movie galleries and Flash movies like this:

  • http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites
  • http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/picture_galleries
  • http://signupsluts.com/paysites/gothicsluts/picture_galleries


There's currently tree different parameters you can set when requesting a resource to customize the output: version, affiliate_code and separator:


If you want to lock against a the current version of the API please append &version=1 to the URL. If we make big changes in the future we'll make them available with &version=2 and not break your old clients. For example, to get teenmegacash paysites with API version 1, the URL will become http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.txt&version=1

Affiliate code

Per default, all linkcodes returned by the API have the affiliate code XXXXXX. You can change this by appending &affiliate_code=MY_CODE to the URL.


This parameter only applies when you're exporting in Text or CSV format.
By default the Text-exports separate each field with | and CSV by ,. To change this, append &separator=MY_SEPARATOR to the URL.

Content types

There's four different formats available: JSON, XML, CSV and Text. You can choose your format by simply appending the format to the resource like this:

  • http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.txt
  • http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.json
  • http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.xml
  • http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.csv


http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.txt will give you a txt-file like this:

The format is link|name|category|sponsor and each entry is separated by unix linebreak \r\n.


http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.json will give you a JSON-file like this:

  "name": "real8teens",
  "link": "http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=924891&PA=585488&HTML=http://www.real8teens.com/?PRO=XXXXXX",
  "category": "teen"
  "sponsor": "teenmegacash"
It's one big JSON-array where each item represents one paysite. Each item comes with the attributes name, link, category and sponsor


http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.xml will give you a XML-file:
Each item comes with the attributes name, link, category and and sponsor.


http://signupsluts.com/sponsors/teenmegacash/paysites.csv will give you a CSV-file:

The format is "link","name","category","sponsor" and each entry is separated by unix linebreak \r\n. The CSV-file starts with the column-names. While not needed it can be good practice to parse the order of the columns.

If you got questions or suggestions about the API please contact us.